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This section contains VBA code samples.

I have tested the code samples with:

  1. Microsoft Excel 2002
    (10.6847.6845) SP3
  2. Microsoft Office Excel 2007
    (12.0.63245001) SP1 MSO (12.0.6320.5000)
  3. Microsoft Expression Web
    (12.0.6211.1000) SP1 MSO (12.0.6320.5000)

  4. Microsoft Word 2002
    (10.6846.6845) SP3

  5. Microsoft Office Word 2007
    (12.0.6311.5000) SP1 MSO (12.0.6320.5000)

The Topics Index on the upper left part of this page contains the examples.

This section was last updated on January 23, 2009.

The sample code are examples of various objects, properties, methods and events in VBA. 

If any of the macros do not work on your computer, please check the Initial Setup page.