Property Meter UserForm

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I have tested this procedure with the Excel, Expression Web and Word versions listed on  my Microsoft VBA page.

All of the code listed here ran by pasting it in to the modules and userforms without modifying it.

The first tool that I use for large VBA projects is a UserForm.
I call it frmProgress.  I insert a frame into and call the frame FrameProgress.

The UserForm should have the following code pasted into it.
Private intProcValue As Long
Private strProcName As String
Private intResultsValue As Integer

Public Property Let ProcValue(intReceivedValue2 As String)
   intProcValue = intReceivedValue2
End Property

Public Property Let ProcName(strInputProcName As String)
   strProcName = strInputProcName
End Property

Public Property Let intResults(intInputVal As Integer)
   intResultsValue = intInputVal
End Property

Public Property Get intResults() As Integer
   intResults = intResultsValue
End Property

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
   Me.Width = 240
   Me.Height = 60
   Me.frameProgress.Height = 20
   Me.frameProgress.Width = 225
   Me.frameProgress.Top = 12
   Me.frameProgress.Left = 5

   Select Case UCase(strProcName)

      Case "PROCESS1"
         intResultsValue = Process1(intProcValue)
         Me.intResults = intResultsValue

      Case "PROCESS2"
         intResultsValue = Process2(intProcValue)
         Me.intResults = intResultsValue

   End Select

End Sub		


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